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Diesel Supply 

We are backup supply specialists with the focus on finding solutions around load shedding, keeping you self-sufficient and ready for another day

Diesel supply

By now you have probably realised that we are specialists in backup systems centered around the issue of load shedding. Whether it’s a gas, solar or a water backup system, we can find the right solution for you.

You may, however, have one “hell of a” big diesel generator on your property which is now well and truly being put through its paces. That’s where we come in. Your solution is simple, call us and we will send a bakkie with a tank and pump to fill you up. That’s all! No mess, no fuss just give us call…we are also really good poets.

We supply the greater Sandton and Randburg areas with diesel. Whether you’re looking to fill your residential or commercial generator or you want to top up your construction site tanks, we’ll be there for you.  We can deliver anything from 20L to 1000L of diesel in a single trip.

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