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Gas Backup Systems

We are backup supply specialists with the focus on finding solutions around load shedding, keeping you self-sufficient and ready for another day

Gas Backup Systems

Blue Fuel has been in the industry for a while now, before load shedding was even a thing! Some could say that our previous customers could see into the future and predicted the electricity crisis or they just decided to somma, go gas! Either way, they are smiling now.

If you have finally had enough and you feel that a move away from state-controlled electricity supply is necessary, today is your turn to join the trendsetters and tell your local electricity supplier to bugger off. A gas backup system is the backbone of your home during these challenging times. Yes, all the other backup systems out there are great, but if you do not have a gas water heater and a gas stove, you cannot have a hot shower or cook a delicious dinner…unless you decide to have a lekker braai on a random Tuesday night.

Yes, you could have a solar geyser but what if the sun decides to take a holiday for a few days. Yes, you could have solar backup for your electric geyser, but it would need to be one ‘moer’ of a system.

A gas backup system is awesome on its own or when used together with solar. Very often an electric geyser consumes up to 60% of your solar storage backup either leaving you with very little storage for the rest of the home or forcing you to spend in excess of R35000 per battery, for extra batteries or forking out on a bigger system.

A gas backup system would focus primarily on a connection to a gas cooker and a gas water heater. The gas cooker is pretty self explanatory….. open flame, heat and cook. The gas water heater circulates water through the unit when a tap is opened. The water is heated up instantly within the unit and comes out hot. This is an instantaneous water heating process. With a backup gas system, you can always cook and you will always have hot water…so long as you have a water supply (see page 5 of our website) and gas in your cylinders/tanks. Did we mention that we do Natural gas too (contact us for more information on this).

Back to the gas backup systems and the benefits:

° Cost-Cost-effective. (Very often only 10% – 15% of your solar backup system budget).

° Instantaneous hot water on demand.

° Cooking on demand.

° Our gas water heaters are solar compatible (If you have a solar geyser, our units work in conjunction with it as a backup, when sun has taken its trip).

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