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Solar Backup Systems

We are backup supply specialists with the focus on finding solutions around load shedding, keeping you self-sufficient and ready for another day

Solar Backup Systems

We’ve mentioned that we’ve been in the industry for a while now and we’ve credited our existing clients for having the ninja focus and eagle vision to remain calm, make an informed decision and execute a plan. Now it’s your turn!

Load shedding has created many issues in our amazing country, as if we didn’t have enough already, but we are a resilient nation and there are always solutions. We don’t harp on the issues; we find ways around them and crack on with it. Going solar is one of these solutions. Why wouldn’t we take advantage of the amazing weather we have? Whether you choose to have a small solar backup system to run only the essentials of the home or you choose to install a full, off-the-grid system, we will have your back.

Although there are various applications and different off-grid and on-grid solutions, a solar and battery system basically generates power using the suns energy. The solar panels catch the sun’s rays and store that energy in a battery bank. If you go for one of the larger set-ups, your system will allow you to rely entirely on the sun for your power. We would advise that you still remain connected to the grid in case you experience bad weather or look at a hybrid system with a gas backup too (see page 2 of website).

Just like everything in life, there are pros and cons? As mentioned on our gas backup system page (see page 2 of website) what happens when the sun takes a holiday for a few days? Or even worse, we find ourselves on stage 17 in complete blackout for 8 consecutive days… We still haven’t figured out how the stages work or if it’s just because the oke flipping the switches is still in training, but it never seems to follow the advertised schedule or ‘they’ just somma go from stage 2 to 6 in a matter of seconds without any prior warning. This is where A gas backup system is golden. A gas backup system is the backbone of your home during these challenging times.

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